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2011 SummerFit Plaza
Programs: 2011 SummerFit Plaza @ the Indiana State Fair
We’ve invited fitness experts from around the state to teach FREE classes to fairgoers, young and old. Lace up your sneakers and come participate in Zumba, yoga, soccer, dance, jumping rope, boot camps and more!  Indiana University Health will be there too with healthy cooking demonstrations, food sampling and bicycle helmet fittings. See you at the Fair!

Don't forget to pick up your Fair Fit Challenge map from the INShape Indiana SummerFit Plaza. We challenge you to walk around the fairgrounds and visit 11 of our favorite exhibits. Find the answers to our questions and return your completed map to INShape booth for prizes!

SummerFit Plaza Location

State Fair map

Daily Schedule

Friday, August 5th: Zumba Day (view schedule)

Saturday, August 6th: Jump Rope Day (view schedule)

Sunday, August 7th: Soccer Day (view schedule)

Monday, August 8th: Bicycle Day (view schedule)

Tuesday, August 9th: Boot Camp Day (view schedule)

Wednesday, August 10th: Martial Arts Day (view schedule)

Thursday, August 11th: Game Day (view schedule)

Friday, August 12th: Rowing Day (view schedule)

Saturday, August 13th: Yoga Day (view schedule)

Sunday, August 14th: Dance Day (view schedule)